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  1. Franchise Development
    When you want to franchise your business, InnoFran will help you through every step of the process, utilizing our comprehensive franchise development programs.
  2. Franchise Sales
    Trust InnoFran to deliver your franchise sales and franchisee recruitment goals. We partner with our clients to formulate winning marketing strategies and help to source, screen and deliver the best candidates.
  3. International Expansion
    As members of two key global networks, InnoFran can help you to expand your franchise to more than 30 global markets. We are the leading company in Canada for international franchise development.
  4. System Audits
    As true franchise, hospitality and management consultants, InnoFran will help your company identify and resolve system issues, using our unique forensic services. We will get your business back on track.
  5. Franchise Training
    InnoFran delievers fully bespoke training packages to both franchisors and franchisees, using our expertise developed over many years 'in the field'. We can also be retained to be a franchisor's fully outsourced training department.
  6. Strategy & Positioning
    InnoFran can help your company to develop a clear path to growth and success, through critical strategic planning & development and optimum market positioning.
  7. Social Media & Digital Content Management
    InnoFran can help your business become and stay relevant in our expanding digital world, using market-leading search engine optimisation (SEO) tools and digital content management. We provide these services to unit franchisees, master franchisees and franchisors in all sectors.
  8. Franchise Re-Sales & System Sales
    InnoFran is leader in assisting franchisors and franchisees to re-sell their single or multi-units, area development and master franchise opportunities. We are also well positioned to help franchisors to sell their entire franchise systems or to identify and secure investors to help franchisors grow and realise their hard work and investment.
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