Franchise Your Business

If you have considered franchising your business or wondered if your business could be franchised, InnoFran is here to help you.
Is My Business Ready to Franchise?
Foundations of a Successful Franchise
  • Strong Historical Business Performance
  • Great Branding & Corporate Image
  • Longevity of Products/Services Offered
  • Proven Business Model
  • Professional Management 
  • Suffient Profit Margin
  • Efficient Systems
  • Transferability of Knowledge
  • Universally Acceptable Products/Services
  • Major Potential Market Growth
If you have a business that you think could be franchised or would like to know if expansion through franchising is right for you and your business, InnoFran is here to help you determine the best path forward and to help you achieve those goals.

Our franchise experts will work through a specialised program to determine the franchisability of your business and then provide advice and guidance on what you need to take that first step to franchise success.

If franchising is the way ahead, then InnoFran will develop and provide an industry-leading Franchise Development Program (FDP) to take you from an independent company through to a fully-fledged franchised business, ready to take on the world.

Our Franchise Development Programs include:-

  • Consultation & Feasibility Review
  • Franchise Structure Development
  • Expansion & Growth Strategy
  • Franchise Support Programs
  • IP, Legal & Corporate Identity Assistance
  • Key Supplier & Service Provider Introduction
  • Product/Service Analysis & Re-Structuring
  • Requied Franchise Documentation
  • Marketing Plan
  • Operations & Training Manuals
  • Franchise Brochures & Marketing Materials
  • Social Media Optimisation
  • Franchise Sales Training
  • On-Going Support & Assistance
  • Much More....
Benefits of Franchising

  1. 1
    Lower Cost
  2. 2
    Reduced Risk
  3. 3
    More Committment
  4. 4
    Economy of Scale
  5. 5
    Brand Building
  6. 6
    Quality Control
  7. 7
    Long-Term R.O.I.
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